The Heat Wave Is Coming, And The Rash That Accompanies It Is Becoming Worse With Each Passing Day

Heat rash is a common skin condition, and it is very difficult to diagnose without knowing exactly what type of rash you are suffering from.

Heat rash occurs when the skin becomes irritated by being exposed to elevated temperatures for an extended period of time. The rash often appears as red, scaly, blistered, and



Heat rash, like sunburn, can become more serious if left untreated. Once the skin becomes red and scaly, the skin breaks down and becomes much more susceptible to infection.

There are several signs that may point to a possible diagnosis of heat rash. The following will give you a hint about what your doctor may be able to tell you.

* The first sign of heat rash is inflammation. You may see a scaly appearance to the affected area. If the skin is red, scaly, or blistered, it may be an indication of heat rash.

* Rash that persists for more than two weeks may indicate that the rash has developed into a more serious problem. It is important to visit your doctor at this point to ensure that the rash is not a symptom of a more serious condition.

* Heat rash often affects the face, shoulders, and upper arms. It also commonly affects the genital area. However, it is more common to see it develop on the lower legs and hands as well.

* There are several other symptoms that may occur with heat rash. The rash will usually itch, as well as become irritated. This is one of the symptoms that you may notice if you are experiencing it.

* Itching can occur for hours or days after a rash occurs. It can become so bad that the scratching can be quite painful. In addition, the rash can become more irritated and blistered if a person continues to scratch it.

* The rash is more likely to develop if there is a combination of irritants present. This means that an allergy to a certain substance can increase the chances of developing a rash.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately for further evaluation.Heat rash is extremely uncomfortable, and the irritation can become more heat rashes had occurred extremely serious if left untreated.

You should schedule an appointment at your doctor’s office immediately if you believe that you have heat rash. Heating pads and towels can help to reduce the discomfort