There Are Many Side Effects Of Teething

The normal reaction to a teething baby is pain. In most cases, the pain will subside in no time and the baby will not even notice any problem.However, in some babies, teething teething side effects may cause them to cry for longer or for more intense pain than usual.

The main reasons for crying out of the blue are fright, hunger, tiredness, or general anxiety. It can also be caused by depression. However, it can be caused by other reasons as well, such as an allergy or cough.

While not being able to get enough sleep can be considered one of the side effects of teething, not sleeping enough is actually not as common. It could be a sign that your baby is actually bored with the teething process. Again, this can be treated with patience and love. Although sometimes feeding your baby in the middle of the night could be the cause. If you have not yet gotten past this stage, you can switch to breast milk for a while.

There are many other side effects of teething that can be completely harmless, but only seem to bother some people. Constipation, of course, is a very real problem for a baby with teething. In some cases, constipation is a symptom of something more serious, like an infection. So if your baby is vomiting, they might have a problem with their stomach or perhaps an infection.

They may also be prone to diarrhea because of teething, which is another of the side effects of teething. This can be to your baby’s health because teething is usually the time when they need extra fluids and some nutrition, so if the diarrhea persists, they may not get these from food. If you have had it before, you should consult your pediatrician.

Tooth decay is another side effects of teething that can be uncomfortable to those who notice it. These stains can be noticeable on clothing or sheets. It is important to take care when using a blanket, pillow, or baby bed because any infection is more likely to occur in such a place. Sometimes, teething can cause more serious complications, like ear infections or in the worst case scenario, ear cancer.

There are many other side effects of teething that are painful. Swelling is often the first symptom, and it can become an extreme pain. Painkillers may help, or if you must use heat to numb the pain, a cold compress may do the trick. While these side effects of teething are not very common, there are some rare conditions that can be caused by it.

The main thing to remember is that there are many side effects of teething that you can handle. Not having to deal with some of them can be painful for both you and your baby, but it can also save your life