Become a Distributor


When you sign up as a distributor you will get wholesale pricing on all orders, plus for every 2 loyal customers that you sign up you get a wrap reward and you can use it to purchase a box of 4 applicators for $25.

After you have joined you will need to set up your distributor website which is free for the first 30 days, then $20 per month. You will then need to set up your first auto ship for 80 bv (bonus volume) or more to be commission qualified.


How do I earn?

There are so many rewarding ways to earn with this company.

1) Blitzing (Going out and talking to people about your business and promoting your products).  You will have access to order your blitz cards after signing up.  Handing out your blitz cards to people while dining in a restaurant, grocery shopping, getting you hair done etc.  You never know where you will find interest.

2) Advertising individual specials on wraps to try them out on social networking sites (Facebook) “Let me know if you would like to try out a wrap for $25 today only!

I will come to you and demonstrate or can guide you by phone and email.

3) Having clients throw a Wrap/Spa party-offering  the host to wrap for free if they can find 5 friends who want to try out the wrap for $30 and offer free green facials to all who attend.

4)Expos– Advertise your business at an Expo Booth-Bridal, cosmetics etc.

5) Salon/Spa/Retail business– These products are a great secondary service to offer in different retail settings.

6) Bonuses-It Works! offers their distributors incentives to earn extra bonuses on top of regular commissioned items.

Why My Team?

I am 100% committed to this job and only this job.  I do not just do this on the side or as a second job.  My focus is dedicated to my team.  I have an amazing upline (my team members above me) that are always there for support and help throughout the process.  Our team works together because helping their downline, in turn, helps their business as well.  Many distributor’s will help with launch parties (your first party as a distributor) and product shortage and there will always be someone who can answer your questions to help you succeed. We are just a phone call or email away!